WIC student with muscular dystrophy to be ambassador

STAMBAUGH — Robbie Ivey has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

“My muscles grow weaker and weaker overtime,” Ivey said.

It’s one of the diseases that the Muscular Dystrophy Association covers, and the MDA Green Bay office was at the West Iron County School to name Robbie the district goodwill ambassador.
WIC student with muscular dystrophy to be ambassador
“We cover 43 neuro-muscular diseases,” said MDA Healthcare Services Coordinator, Sarah Burns. “In the MDA Green Bay office, we cover 40 counties in northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.”

Robbie’s role as ambassador will have him traveling to the different counties and advocating for the MDA. He’ll visit sponsors, like Krist Oil who raised over $16,000 by selling paper shamrocks at their locations, and where Robbie’s picture will be posted.

“We were on our way down to the MDA luncheon;” Ivey said. “We stopped at a Krist Oil station and I’m like, ‘Mom! I’m on the window!’”
Robbie’s role is extremely valuable, because the MDA relies completely on donations for their support.

“Our main mission and goal is to fund research that works towards finding treatments and ultimately cures for all the diseases that we cover under our umbrella. In the next five years, there are more experimental drug treatment trials that will be going on than there has been in the past 50 years combined,” Burns said.

Robbie is the perfect guy for the job; he doesn’t let the fact he’s in a wheelchair prevent him from doing active hobbies like hunting.

“Dave Painter sets up a hunting rifle in a trailer that Wildlife Unlimited built and when an animal comes in, Dave hits the safety off the gun, and there’s a straw, and as soon as you sip that, the gun goes off, and hopefully I don’t miss,” Ivey said.

As an ambassador, Robbie will tell his story to others, and be an active force in the fight against muscular dystrophy.

“Just because I’m in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m not normal,” Ivey said.

A Muscle Walk is scheduled for Saturday, April 26, in Appleton.

You can support Robbie in this event by purchasing a “Team Robbie” T-shirt. The shirt can be purchased at Stambaugh Elementary or by contacting Robbie’s mother on her Facebook page.

There is also more information on the district Muscular Dystrophy Association website.

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