What is Guinea Pig Diseases

It’s not a enjoyable subject, but to protect your pet it is constantly good to understand something about guinea pig diseases.

Cancer can affect the blood inside the instance of leukemia, or the mammary glands or reproductive tract with the female. But most cancers is fairly rare for cavies (guinea pigs). they can occasionally get tumors but these are usually benign affecting skin mostly.
If your cavy doesn’t get adequate vitamin C in his diet he could maybe get scurvy which can be deadly for cavies. signs include stiff and swollen joints making moving around difficult for him. Ribs can be painful and swollen. His gums can all of a sudden bleed without having apparent cause. Bones and teeth can produce poorly. vitamin C is supposed being incorporated in pellets you may be feeding him but other precautions include feeding him fruit and vegetables with the vitamin like apples, broccoli, celery, spinach and carrots just to title a few. if you ought to suspect this kind of a problem take him to your vet for diagnosis and treatment.
Other vitamins required inside the diet include D, A and E as well as some minerals. Inadequate vitamins can lead to poor tooth development, metastatic calcification, difficult pregnancy and muscular dystrophy.
Guinea pigs are susceptible to bacterial pneumonia. There may maybe be no outward noticeable signs and also the cavy just all of a sudden and unexpectedly dies. Or signs could include discharge from the nose or eyes, wheezing and tiredness. if you suspect a respiratory problem bring him for your vet for antibiotics.
Intestinal Infections
These bacterial infections can bring on sudden passing away without observe or it can be longer and much less lethal. bad bacterias can gain entry to your intestines by contaminated foods or water. There will be sickness with diarrhea, tiredness and weight loss. An antibiotic approach is usually applied through the vet.
Since they’ve got stout compact bodies they can simply tolerate the cold. The heat is yet another story. Temperatures remaining earlier mentioned 90 degrees F can be fatal to them. Even although they don’t like wind if the temperature continues to be above 90 think about possessing a enthusiast blow via their cage. They like the same temperature range people like so if you are comfortable so is your cavy which is between 65 – 75 degrees F.
Head Tilt
If their head is tilted it can be torticollis (stiff neck) same as people can get. This usually lasts just a day. Or it can be middle ear infection, which if you remember affects our balance, therefore if he’s possessing trouble walking take him to a vet for treatment.

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