The disease progresses of DMD children

This is a very serious condition. Most of the affected boys develop the first signs of difficulty walking at 1 to 3 years of age and are usually may not run or jump, as their peers, who often have difficulty climbing stairs and the need to use a handrail support. The increased use of the Word can also be difficult.

As the disease progresses children with DMD are unable to walk as much or as quickly as other children and may sometimes fall.

Also, some children have trouble learning or behaviour which may begin to occur at this time.

8 To 11 years (rarely above or a little later) children to be able to walk to the teen and twenty, the State is serious enough to shorten life expectancy. However, there are many forms of management are now available that have changed the landscape and we believe that in most cases, they can help the complications of the disease.

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