symptoms of Duchenne muscular dystrophy?

Symptoms usually appear 6 years ago and can appear as early as childhood. As a general rule, the first symptom of delayed development engine, including sit and survey independently. The average age for walking Boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is 18 months. There is progressive muscle weakness of the legs and pelvic muscles (wasting) a loss of muscle mass is associated. This muscle weakness leads to a Dandinante approach and the difficulty climbing stairs. Muscle weakness also occurs in the arm, neck and other areas, but not so heavy or already in the lower half of the body.

Calf muscles initially enlarge and enlarged muscle tissue is finally with fat and connective tissue (pseudo) replaced. Muscle contractures occur in the legs, so the muscles shorten to useless because the muscle fibers and fibrosis of the connective tissue. Occasionally it can cause pain in the calf.

Symptoms usually occur at a young age 1 to 6 There is a constant decrease in muscle strength in age from 6 to 11 years. At the age of 10 years, braces may be required to walk, and at the age of 12, most of the young restricted to depend on a wheelchair. Bone development caused unscheduled bone deformations of the spine and other areas.

Muscle weakness and bone deformations are often involved in respiratory diseases. Cardiomyopathy (cardiac hypertrophy) occurs in almost all cases of youth at the beginning of some, and all under the age of 18. Mental retardation may occur, but it is not inevitable, and only exacerbates the disease progresses.

Some individuals with DMD life beyond her 30 years. Respiratory complications and cardiomyopathy are common causes of death.

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