Stem cell implantations Treating DMD


Alexey was born a satisfied and healthful child, and at the age of a couple of year aged started exhibiting the very first symptoms of Duchenne Muscular Atrophy; he was dropping down whilst walking.

As his situation ongoing deteriorating, Alexei’s harmony became even far more impaired and he introduced with “duck Gait” at the age of three, which has made walking unassisted practically impossible.

Alexey experienced weakness in all 4 limbs and involuntary movements, as well as bad movements coordination.

Alexey spent most of his no cost time possibly sitting in a very chair, or lying down in his bed. When Alexey turned five, genetic screening has confirmed Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy diagnosis. Alexey’s family members decided to seek treatment outside their native Russia, in purchase for being in a placement to provide their child a far better excellent of life.

CONDITION prior to treatment

Alexey’s cognitive and emotional capabilities have been common for his age.

Muscle strength in all limbs and trunk was sufficiently below normal, and atrophy was noted. Alexey had bad harmony and movements coordination. Upon admission, Alexey’s muscle tone was increased.

Alexey experienced issues walking and was capable to make only twenty steps unassisted.

While walking, Alexey’s abdomen and pelvis introduced with an too much anterior tilt, and also the soles of both his ft could not touch the ground completely (tip-toe walking)

Alexey’s regular activities took him a extended period of time, because of severe weakness, and also the tendency to tire easy. Alexey also introduced using a trouble getting up from the chair or perhaps a bed after sitting for any extended period of time.


Stem cell implantations, Daily IV of medicines, neural nutrition and protection as well as Physical and Occupational Therapy sessions, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture.

CONDITION after treatment

Alexey’s situation started enhancing whilst in treatment after the very first stem cellular injection.

Alexey’s medical doctors noted the very first improvements, as his muscle strength and muscle quantity elevated all 4 limbs. Alexey gained nearly three kilograms whilst staying in your hospital.

While undergoing physiotherapy sessions he can now manage to throw a ball up to a couple of meters’ distance.

Another advancement the physiotherapists have noted is the fact that during “throwing and catching” training, the speed and power of Alexey’s actions have ongoing enhancing with each and every stem cellular implantation he had received.

Alexey is now in a placement to continue rehabilitation instruction for far more than twenty minutes without tiring.

It became simpler for Alexey to stand up and action forward. The too much anterior tilt of his abdomen and pelvis has improved. The sole of his left foot now can completely touch the ground whilst walking and he is now in a placement to stroll for about fifty meters by himself.

All of the new accomplishments have prompted Alexey for being far more impartial (he can now go to the toilet unassisted), and we wish that his family members will keep in touch and compose us about even more improvements in his condition.

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