SMT C1100 New Drug Clinical Trial Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Summit’s SMT C1100 is an experimental compound created to boost the muscle protein utrophin, which is a naturally-occurring protein that includes a similar functionality to dystrophin. Investigators are confident that if utrophin could be upregulated sufficiently, it could act as being a substitute for the missing dystrophin in DMD to aid maintain healthy muscles.

“A long-time champion for utrophin upregulation as being a promising therapeutic strategy for managing Duchenne muscular dystrophy, MDA is pleased Summit soon will almost certainly be testing a new formulation of SMT C1100 in a employee clinical trial,” mentioned Valerie Cwik, M.D. Executive Vice President research and medical Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

“This is a vital move when it comes to understanding definitively regardless of whether utrophin can successfully stand-in for the missing dystrophin protein that MDA-funded investigators identified as being the underlying cause for this type of muscular dystrophy,” Cwik added.

Barry Price, Ph.D., Executive Chairman of Summit said: “The new clinical study to become conducted on SMT C1100, a medication discovered and developed by our researchers is an important initiative. We believe SMT C1100 has the potential to deal with all DMD patients and present benefit for them and their families.”

A prior trial of an earlier SMT C1100 formulation on healthy volunteers by an additional biotech agency in California deemed the compound to become safe and well-tolerated. However, varying blood concentrations have been generated with only some individuals achieving anticipated therapeutic levels in the bloodstream.

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One thought on “SMT C1100 New Drug Clinical Trial Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  1. s.m.ahmed

    The news is few weeks old though; still, worth conveying all across the groups of readers. The point which bothers me the most is; already there was one Californian pharma company which had (human) trials on utrophin. Now, what way Summit is going to add extra potency? to make it useful to the unfortunate souls waiting for even a slim hope of repairing their fast degenerating muscle pattern (due to dystrophin deficiency).

    As I gather, there is another group in Brown University, lead by Dr. Fallon trying to enhance the utility of Utrophin. As an unfortunate father of child with a LGMD, I got some time to wait; however, for all those children who cant afford to wait not even tens of months, I can only pray and hope that there should be some solution coming to their rescue… aamen….

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