Power Wheelchair or Scooter Which One is good for You

When I talked to my physical therapist about possibly acquiring an electric mobility scooter (I have Periodic Paralysis and too a lot walking can bring about an attack), she instantly recommended a power wheelchair. “Wheelchairs are a lot better in-doors,” she said. “You’ll use a place to sleep your arms, and all you will need to proceed to handle the chair is 1 little joystick.” She stated that most wheelchairs have better seats and are upgradeable. “Insurance will usually only pay for 1 chair or scooter every single 5 years,” she said, “So you should think of not just your current needs, but what you could possibly need 5 many years from now.”

So, right after all that, why did I buy a scooter? My ailment varies from morning to day, but isn’t especially progressive. I need a scooter that can be with me (in the trunk of my car) at all times, instead of a chair that could possibly 1 morning need sufficient power to run a breathing in machine. since there is a good opportunity insurance would refuse to pay for my chair, I also need mobility gear I could pay for on my own.

At the exact same time, my physical therapist was totally appropriate about a joystick becoming easier to handle than handlebars, but i’m doing okay having a tiller. She was also appropriate that wheelchairs are better than scooters for tight in-home conditions. However, since i will mostly use my scooter to prevent long walks at stores, malls and parks, in-home use is not a large issue for me.

My option was obviously a scooter. what’s the very best option for you? It depends upon you, your needs, your prognosis and your budget. you should take on your time, try both and think of not just the technology, but how you might be going to match it into your lifestyle; then you will make the appropriate option for you.

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