PlayStation with Muscular Dystrophy

Challenge: Blake Hayes of Toongabbie, Peter Telko of Wakeley, Joel Reddy, and Nicholas Nguyen Picture: Carlos Furtado
centre was on Friday — playing PlayStation.

Reddy, who is out for the season with a left pectoral muscle injury, took part in Northcott Disability Services’ PlayStation PlayOff tournament on Friday.

The Northcott ambassador was pitted against nine competitors, ranging in age from six to 18, in a round-robin occasion consisting of three various PlayStation three games — street Fighter IV, FIFA 2010 and Gran Turismo 5.

The occasion was designed for children with diseases marked by severe progressive muscle weakness and wasting, such as muscular dystrophy.

Peter Telk of Wakeley and Nicholas Nguyen have been the winners on the day.

Reddy is tipped to announce he is leaving the Eels to join the Wests Tigers in 2012.

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