Organic Regeneration and Stem Cells Tissues

The latest discoveries of stem treatment verify the possibility of harvesting stem tissue for the regeneration of the sick organs straight from adipose tissue. This procedure is an usual exercise in conventional clinical practice; it also proves that the individual body is endowed with it’s personal healing mechanisms. Tibetan conventional medicine explains these self-healing mechanisms by a system of energy meridians. The activity these is coordinated through the primordial energy located in the brain.

The energy is guided towards the governor meridian (which controls and maintains the genetic information in the RNA) and towards the conception meridian (which controls and maintains the genetic information in the DNA). The mind could be the supreme organ, controlling all of the physiological processes in the body and also the way by which the grownup stem tissue are differentiated and specialized to perform the recovery and also the regeneration of the tissues and of the sick organs.
Stimulation of the acupoints situated along the meridians removes the energy barriers; it also signs the mind that there are dysfunctional tissue in the certain organ. The mind reads the piece of information conveyed; by signifies of an energy impulse, it orders the regeneration system to harvest the necessary amount of stem tissue through the body, to specialize and also to post them for the sick organ. On their way for the target organ, the tissue are programmed for their potential actions by their interaction with specializing elements.
The information they obtain during this time differentiate the stem tissue in the necessary mobile line. For instance, the stem tissue in the bone marrow may be differentiated into platelets, muscle cells, neurons, myocardial or hepatic cells. The stem tissue in the adipose tissue possess a higher differentiating capacity; therefore, they are included in the tissular regeneration of the heart, liver, blood, osseous, articular and muscular system, endothelium and nervous system.
Once they have reached the sick organ, the stem tissue start their activity as specialized cells. Still, it can be necessary to make use of certain energetic substances contained in herbs, substances that help and speed up the regeneration processes as well as eliminate the dysfunctional tissue or the mobile residues (dead tissue accumulated in the organs). Moreover, the energetic substances in the herbal remedies also control the specialization process of the stem tissue by taking the genetic information in the RNA and also the DNA through the healthy tissue in the target tissues.
It is an very crucial aspect, simply because – right after an organ gets sick – the body tends to convey the genetic information through the dysfunctional tissue for the stem cells. Therefore, it is necessary to control this process, in purchase that the stem tissue could specialize using a correct genetic information. The locations of dysfunctional tissue are replaced through the new specialized stem cells, and also the organ included restores its activity at normal capacity.
The process of tissular regeneration requires place in the entire body. An acupuncture session stimulates several acupoints, each and every acupoint coordinating several features in the body. thus the organs are cleansed of toxic compounds and mobile residues and their structure is completely restored.
There are an endless amount of functions of this procedure, the two healthcare and aesthetic ones. However, the final results also depend on the regeneration capacity of the body and on the sickness of the affected organs. For instance, so that you just can cure diabetic issues mellitus, roughly 30% of the pancreatic tissue must be functional. If this condition is not complied, the treatment will battle away the results of hyperglycemia in the body.
The treatment may be applied the two to children and seniors or to pregnant women. The benefits of stem tissue treatment by conventional medicine therapies include:
* delays the maturing process and prevents the particular affections (osteoporosis, gonarthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosclerosis, etc);
* tonifies and revitalizes the nervous system (it could be applied in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, cerebellar syndromes, cerebral atrophies, medullar and cerebral degenerative processes, earlier stages of Alzheimer, lesions brought on by cerebral vascular accidents, etc);
* tonifies the muscular tissues and strengthens the osseous system (it could be applied in the treatment of muscular dystrophy, paralysis, paresthesias, illnesses of the backbone brought on by hypotonia of the paravertebral muscles: scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, spondylosis, etc.);
* revitalizes and regenerates the internal organs, skin and also the blood (it could be applied in the treatment of any sort of continual disease, especially of cancer, anemia, thrombophlebitis, leukemia, diabetic issues mellitus, benign tumors, pituitary adenoma, prostate adenoma, uterine fibroma, endometriosis, hepatitis, earlier cirrhosis, illnesses of the bone marrow, etc.);
* detoxifies the natural and organic surroundings and equilibrates the mobile activity (it has been observed that the tissue harvested from a sick individual body possess a higher operation rate in an synthetic but clean life environment; as they are reinserted into the sick body, the capacity of the mobile processes decreases considerably)

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