New experimental drug S107 to combat muscle wasting

An experimental medication may perhaps fight the muscle wasting experienced by more mature adults.

Older people making use of home treatment are most likely to experience sarcopenia – the withering on the skeletal muscles.

Researchers at Columbia university healthcare middle have investigated the biological mechanism that causes this phenomenon and believe they may perhaps have identified a medication to aid reverse the process.

A mechanism similar to that witnessed in muscular dystrophy was proven to be involved in your weakening on the muscles, according towards examine published in journal cell Metabolism.

In addition, researchers believe that experimental medication S107 could possibly be used to treat the condition. The medication stabilised calstabin1, a protein that binds to ryanodine receptors and prevents calcium leaking.

Currently, physical exercise is the only known method to combat sarcopenia.

This follows comments from movie star trainer and fitness entrepreneur, who said that more mature adults could benefit from progressive resistance physical exercise but must take caution when starting this kind of a regime.

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