Muscular Dystrophy and Medical Marijuana

Yesterday in Irvine I took treatment of the 48 year old guy who was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. He have been using healthcare marijuana for that previous 2 weeks and wanted to come in for an evaluation and recommendation. on this post I pasted an extensive evaluation for patients within the indicators and symptoms of muscular dystrophy additionally to its treatment and prognosis. prior to you study further study in detail about the disease I just want to write about with you my patients encounter with healthcare marijuana and how it specifically helped him.

My patient has had severe pain from becoming wheelchair bound for that previous four years. He describes cramping and spasm in his forearms and anterior calf muscles. This brings about trouble resting which has affected his mood and general outlook on life. He was tired of using sleep aids like ambien or lunesta mainly because when he wakes up he “feels like a zombie”. His primary treatment doctor provided him Lexapro to assist improve his mood but he hated how he felt on it. To treat his muscle pain he had been taking NSAID’s like ibuprofen or alleve. They had been only minimally affective.

It was 3 weeks ago that a single of his good friends provided him healthcare marijuana to assist him really feel better. He said the outcomes had been “amazing”. His muscle cramping was reduced considerably and he was able to sleep via the evening and do not possess the morning hangover that he experienced using prescription medication. Overall, his outlook on his existence enhanced tremendously. this really is really common in patients with chronic debilitating inherited diseases. healthcare marijuana can really improve their mood, decrease pain and improve the excellent of the lives.

In my office I discussed with him how to inhale the medication smoke free using a vaporizer and went more than all the several strains of cannabis and how to get excellent medicine. He left sensation really confident and comfortable in his treatment plan.

I stimulate any patient who has severe muscle pain, spasm, is wheelchair bound or has trouble resting to think about attempting healthcare marijuana to assist improve the excellent of your life.

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