Myotonic Dystrophy Heart Study

The article, titled “Electrocardiographic Abnormalities and Sudden Death in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1” concluded that patients with grownup myotonic dystrophy kind 1 (DM1) are at higher risk for arrhythmias and sudden passing away because of cardiac arrest. A severe abnormality about the EKG and a diagnosis of an atrial tachyarrhythmia predict sudden death. although this study was restricted to DM1 patients, DM2 patients have also been cautioned that inside the absence of contrary studies, individuals with DM2 must also follow the same guidelines.

In a newsletter to participants, the authors clarify the distinction concerning center attack and cardiac arrest:

1) center attack – outcomes from clogged arteries. People might have signs and symptoms (such as center pain) for a variety of hrs prior to passing away occurs.

2) Cardiac arrest – outcomes from an issue with the power program of your heart. passing away outcomes within mins (a person just loses consciousness).

The authors contend that a yearly EKG can deliver information that will indicate if an individual is at risk for a center rhythm abnormality, and measures could be taken to look at to avoid cardiac arrest.

Sudden death can occur as a consequence of cardiac-conduction abnormalities in the neuromuscular disease myotonic dystrophy type 1. The determinants of the risk of sudden death remain imprecise.

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