Motorized Wheelchair With Muscular Dystrophy Boy

Read this news, delighted for the boy. For the patient, an electric wheelchair is too important and precious.

When Yudel Hernandez lost his capability to walk two years ago, his world closed in around him.

The Cuban federal government gave him a standard-issue guide wheelchair, but since his arms have been too weak to move the wheels, he was in the mercy of his mother to push him around.

On Thursday, Yudel tried a motorized, electric powered wheelchair to the 1st time. As he tooled around the corridors of Duke Children’s Hospital pushing the joy stick, he pronounced it good.

Read more:” Si me gusta,” stated the plump 12-year-old. “I like it.”

Yudel and his mother, Mahelia Hernandez-Linares, arrived in Durham on Wednesday as part of a unusual work of international good will among two countries, which haven’t been on speaking conditions for fifty years. many thanks towards efforts of a Baptist church in Smithfield plus a Baptist community in Ciego de Avila, in north central Cuba, Yudel and his mother happen to be permitted a two-week trip to North Carolina.

The Smithfield church, Sharon Baptist, plans to extend the pair the top of Southern hospitality. additionally to persuading Duke Hospital to assess Yudel’s condition for free – he suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy – the church has managed to protected free oxygen travel, a free motorized wheelchair plus a free cough help device to the youngster. even though he’s here, they’ll consider him to Washington, D.C., to some Durham Bulls ballgame, and to Devil’s Ridge Motocross monitor (Yudel loves auto racing).

“This is a single of those opportunities that helps break cutting the prejudicial limitations that exist among our governments,” stated the Rev. Christopher Ingram, pastor of Sharon Baptist. “It will open doors to continued conversation having a bigger party of people.”

Thawing U.S.-Cuba ties

Duke medical doctors are currently thinking about some reciprocal get in touch with with medical doctors treating Yudel in Cuba, and churches have long worked to strengthen ties among the two nations. All those efforts are hampered by an financial embargo, rigid vacation restrictions and the absence of any meaningful diplomatic relations given that Fidel Castro assumed energy in 1959.

That the Cuban mother and son have been even in a position to go to the usa is something of a miracle.

But Sharon Baptist had a single thing heading for it – a member who has visited Cuba additional than 40 times. Edward “Ned” Walsh, retired executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Johnston County, has made it his life’s mission to improve relations among Cubans and Americans. In October, after a church mission trip towards island, Walsh met a Baptist pastor in Ciego de Avila who introduced him to Yudel and his mother.

When he returned to Smithfield, Walsh, a church deacon, inquired if Sharon Baptist can be prepared to try to get the boy to North Carolina for help. The obstacles have been nearly insurmountable. But Walsh had contacts. even though he worked diplomatic channels in Washington, D.C., and Havana, fellow church member Durwood Stephenson called his buddy, Paul Vick, associate vice president belonging to the Duke university wellbeing System.

“It was like putting together a huge puzzle,” Walsh said. “You need to do it extremely methodically. if you don’t strategy the right particular person from the right order, it’s over.”

Within months, the Communist state and the democratic nation have been prepared to provide it a try. Passports have been issued, job interviews for visa usages have been given.

On Wednesday, Walsh flew to Miami to meet Yudel and his mother and provide them towards Ronald McDonald home in Durham, where they will remain alongside other families with children undergoing therapy at Duke Children’s Hospital.

Doctors at Duke can’t cure Yudel of his genetic disease. But they are able to aid improve the good quality of his life.

“We’re not heading to make him walk or cease the progression belonging to the disease,” stated Dr. Edward Smith, a child neurologist .
“What we can do is make him additional productive when he receives home.”

A $20,000 gift

To that end, Smith and actual therapist Laura case invested a long afternoon with Yudel screening his muscles, measuring the level to which he can bend and straighten his arms and legs, asking his mother concerning the care been given back again home, where he is schooled having a confidential tutor. Today, Yudel’s lung and heart function will also be evaluated.

Overall, the medical doctors have been pleased with the care Yudel has been given in Cuba. despite its touted national wellbeing care system, the Cuban federal government has become unable to provide the a single medical device Yudel actually desired – a motorized wheelchair. Motorized wheelchairs can cost additional than $20,000, and Walsh got the producer to donate one.

As he tried out a design at Duke, the brown-eyed Yudel grew to become animated. trying to push the chair as fast as it would go, he beamed like a child having a new toy.

Later, in a confidential moment with his mother, the shy adolescent stated he desired this design – and he desired it in red.

” Rojo,” he said. ” Rojo.”

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