Monica Ellis Story FSHD In Australia

Monica Ellis was born in Canada in 1975 moved to Australia at the age of three. The weather in Australia much happier more sun less snow.

At the age of five I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, which slowly took away freedom of movement, forming limitations of what I could do. Alas a career in the ballet was not for me. Art making became a source of freedom and escapism where there are no limitations in my imagination.

I drew and painted from a child. There were a lot pictures of princess’s in fluffy ball gowns. I’m happy to say I have evolved since then.

I studied visual arts for four years at the University of Western Sydney from 1995-1998. Studying painting, printing making, photography and ceramics. Enjoying how each art making process expanded my abililty to express my art. 1998 I studied playwriting at N.I.D.A. I truely believe that art and writing feed into each other and I continue to do both. My ink drawings and prints are a mixture of bandage beings breaking their earthly bonds of the body, becoming new beings. My art is also influenced by music. Nina Simone and Billy Holiday.

A new creation named Silly has come into my life. I hope to share her and her many adventures with the world.

My artwork displayed on RedBubble is for sale or lease, and I accept commissions for paintings and t-shirts.

Many people regard space in physical dimensions: the larger the perimeter, the more things the space can hold.

My mobility is limited as a result of muscular dystrophy and as a result the physical space I move within is limited too. However there are a thousand psychological routes through this territory and I think this is why I have gravitated to pen and ink. I like the medium’s linear quality and the myriad of ways it gives me to navigate space. A line is going somewhere; a shape is closed.

In this current collection I spin shadow creatures awaking from a chrysalis sleep to find themselves in another form. It is an exploration of the loose states of being and the importance of mind over substance—shapes that are more concerned with the threads of dreaming than with the weightiness of form. My shapes are able to metamorphose into something else.

I have been influenced by artists such as Chegall and Erté. The latter concentrated on pleasing design, while the other floated in wonderful madness. To me this juxtaposition of order and chaos lies along a thin edge of magic and so I include this ingredient into my art as well as my life.

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