How to Treat Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is actually a progressive sickness characterized by weakening on the muscles. Voluntary muscles, which control movement, are most generally stricken, though some forms strike involuntary muscles, like the heart. There are a few different forms of and treatment strategies for muscular dystrophy. Some forms of muscular dystrophy might be treated with physical therapy.


Perform bodyweight workouts that strengthen and tone the muscles. stronger muscle tissue can assist to delay the impending weakness associated with muscular dystrophy.

Engage in range of movement workouts and stretching. flexibility can assist ease the severity of joint contractures, a stiffening on the muscle tissue around a joint that affects most people today struggling with muscular dystrophy.

Wear braces for the hands or legs. Braces assist to maintain tendons and muscle tissue stretched, avoiding distressing contractures. quite a few physical therapists use bracing to deal with muscular dystrophy.

Use aquatic therapy. quite a few specialists concur that drinking water workouts and swimming assist to tone and strengthen muscle tissue and joints without placing stress on those parts on the body that are previously weakened or weakening.

Place emphasis on mobility. The goal of physical treatment to deal with muscular dystrophy is to supply the affected individual with independence for as extended as feasible by focusing on movement. produce big muscle groups to make the body stronger and give it a whole lot more endurance.

Tips & Warnings
Physical treatment is a whole lot more effective towards some types of muscular dystrophy and never others. Becker and Duchenne muscular dystrophy seem to become the types that respond finest to physical therapy.

Use hydrotherapy (hot baths) to assist maintain tendons and joints loose and versatile and also to avoid contractures in conjunction with physical therapy.

Muscular dystrophy is incurable. physical treatment is actually a treatment option that addresses only the symptoms of the condition.

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