High Arch Feet Symptoms

If you are unsure which foot type you belong to, you can do so by executing the wet footprint test. that is done by wetting the single of your foot and step onto a shopping bag or perhaps a blank item of heavy paper. after you have done the foot print, you are able to know if you have high arch ft if you see just your heel, the ball of your foot along with a thin line around the outside of your foot.
What would be the leads to of high Arch Feet?

It is not particular what is the exact trigger if you have high arch feet, It maybe which you are just born to possess increased arches. It could also be hereditary in some cases, which signifies it runs during the family or there could possibly be underlying neurological trouble that is leading to it. Some other leads to like cerebral palsy, spins bifida and muscular dystrophy can also guide to a flat foot condition.
What would be the symptoms for those who Have high Arch Feet?
Usually the symptoms for those who have high arch ft will vary depending around the severity on the condition. if you have high arch feet, most probably you could possibly encounter corns or tough skin below the single on the foot, particularly below the 1st and 5th toes. The shoes you wear could possibly even wear out rapidly even although if you have not exceeded the mileage on the shoe.
It might also be tough in your case to suit into your shoes, particularly close to your ankle. Stiffness to the ft will occur and you also might endure from ankle sprain very easily. For individuals with serious pes cavus, some on the big injuries you might get are issues such as calf pain, knee discomfort and hip pain.
What would be the treatment options for those who Have high Arch Feet?
If you have high arch feet, doesn’t indicate you can’t participate in sports like operating or jogging. There are shoes which are created specifically for people with this foot type. using the aid of foot orthotics or insoles, it will support and protect the foot and relieve pressure areas.
You can also buy totally different kinds of pads which are made of silicone. These pads may be used to reduce the pressure away the distressing areas. if you are struggling with corns or tough skin, you could possibly get therapy from a podiatrist. It is crucial which you wear snug fitting shoes when you are heading to buy a pair of shoes. Or if you are struggling with serious case of pes cavus, you can think about heading for any surgery to reconstruct your feet.

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