Hereditary Diseases

Though men and a lot of women are equally susceptible for the diseases yet there are some that have an effect on men more than women. there are diseases that are end result of some accident, some careless on our part or changing climatic and weather circumstances however, there are other people for which a single can’t be blamed as these are a end result of genetic disorders. So far about 4,000 kinds of genetic problems are already discovered, a large assortment of which declines within the hereditary domain. Hereditary diseases would be the kinds of diseases which men are more probably to have an effect on with. though hereditary diseases could be for somatic chromosomes or sexual intercourse chromosomes yet those that are passed to children by way of sexual intercourse tissues are more probably to have an effect on male children.

Hereditary diseases would be the main domain with the diseases which though are discovered in a lot of women also yet there are more chances of you getting these in event you are a man. As obvious from the extremely phrase these diseases would be the genetic defects that are transmitted from dads and moms for the children. Why men are more susceptible to hereditary diseases is usually explained as we all realize that a child gets one half with the chromosomes from mother and one half from father. for a child to be male it’s got to obtain x from mother and y-from father whereas, a female child gets x-from each her parents. If each the dads and moms are nutritious yet carrier with the defective gene; it are going to be transmitted for the child. within the other hand there are also chances with the health problems to be transmitted to subsequent technology if a single with the dads and moms has already this disease. permit us have a look at the sort of hereditary diseases that are popular in men:
x-Chromosomes Hereditary Diseases: diseases that are caused by x-chromosomes is usually further classified in two categories:
1. x-chromosome dominant hereditary diseases: quantity of genetic problems that are prompted by the dominant x-linked genetic defect is few. men are more affected by these sorts of a defect. good examples include Hypophosphatemia and Klinefelter Syndrome.
2. x-chromosome recessive hereditary diseases: Most with the popular hereditary diseases in men are discovered during this group. these are caused by mutation of x-chromosome that is certainly recessive in parents. good examples include Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Hemophilia, color blindness and Muscular dystrophy.
y-chromosomes hereditary diseases: Genetic defect or mutation on y-chromosome is responsible for that hereditary diseases that are caused by y-chromosome. As we know a female child gets no y-chromosome, so only male children are affected by any of defect of genes on y-chromosome. A peculiar example of y-linked hereditary health problems is infertility in male.
Though a defect in gene is relatively tricky to cure yet precautionary measures as under is usually helpful:
I- A comprehensive examination with the couple before relationship
II- comprehensive medical checkup with the child right after birth as some diseases is usually cured at earlier stages
III- A regular medical checkup with the children as some diseases indicate up in a later on stage
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