Can we be sure that there are no errors in the diagnosis?

Can we be sure that there are no errors in the diagnosis?

With the most reliable genetic tests and proteins, the diagnosis is very clear indeed. There are only two conditions, which are highly unlikely to confusion in the diagnosis of a physician experienced in Duchenne muscular dystrophy cause – and the two other types of muscular dystrophy.

autosomal recessive types are about 20 times rarer than Duchenne muscular dystrophy in boys and maybe something similar, but specific tests can identify differences.

The nature of the Becker muscular dystrophy is a benign variant of dystrophin deficiency, but there may be some overlap in severity with the type dystrophy. It can be difficult in very young children to assess the severity at first, but the vast majority of cases the situation is clear. Proteins and genetic testing, this distinction clearer way.

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