Biglycan TVN-102 to treat for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Tivorsan Pharmaceuticals announced today that its educational collaborators – Professor Fallon and his research party at Brown college — have received a generous award from the national Institute of Neurological disorders and Stroke (NINDS) at the national Institutes of health (NIH). This award offers funding and support to the accelerated preclinical development of biglycan as a novel disease-modifying therapeutic for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is an unrelenting and progressive, genetic, muscle-wasting disorder that currently has no good treatment options.

NIH’s ongoing support of biglycan is only probably the most recent accomplishment originating from Dr. Fallon’s work. The $1.33M+ in funding is to the 3rd 12 months of a $5M+ multi-year Cooperative (U01) Award that Dr. Fallon and Brown received in 2009. The U01 represents a unique, peer-reviewed, milestone-driven funding mechanism. This latest award follows two successful years of preclinical progress by Dr. Fallon, his colleagues at Brown, and his corporate collaborator — Tivorsan Pharmaceuticals — to prepare a proprietary form of biglycan, acknowledged as TVN-102, to the clinic.

Very recently, Windhover — a leading provider of company intelligence to executives inside the existence sciences industry and an industry specialist panel — selected Tivorsan’s proprietary biglycan molecule as one of 2011’s top 10 Most interesting “Hot Space” assignments to Watch.

Dr. Fallon, a Professor of Neuroscience affiliated with Brown’s Institute for mind Science, Founding Scientist of Tivorsan, and Chair of Tivorsan’s scientific Advisory Board noted, “The NIH award demonstrates powerful support to the ongoing development of biglycan as a treatment for an insidious sickness — DMD. My team and I are extremely grateful to the NIH for this funding.”

Dr. Katherine Gordon, Managing Director of Brown University’s technology Ventures Office, said, “We are extremely proud of Dr. Fallon and his team, and we congratulate them. Brown understands the public health imperative of Dr. Fallon’s work. We appreciate the scientific community’s acknowledgement belonging to the high impact science conducted by Dr. Fallon and his research colleagues at our University.”

Dr. Joel B. Braunstein, a Tivorsan co-founder and CEO added, “This U01 Award offers us with meaningful feedback around the design of our preclinical development plan for biglycan. Federal support for our plan exemplifies the powerful public responsibility to tackle serious unmet medical wants with promising, revolutionary treatments. inside months ahead, we anticipate leveraging this funding with support from private sources, which are equally committed to our cause.”

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One thought on “Biglycan TVN-102 to treat for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  1. Ali Rashidkhan

    I am very happy for this news and i want to know i i and my son can be hopefull to treat by (biglycan) if this drug be stabillize in near future?

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