Becker MD Study planning a trial involving injections

Becker MD Study Seeks Participants

A new study to ascertain one of the best “outcome measure” (measurable activity) with which to assess thigh-muscle (quadriceps) power in gents with Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD) is looking for participants.

The study, using place at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, is a necessary prelude to a planned trial of gene therapy involving injections of genes for the follistatin protein in people with BMD.

Follistatin interferes with the measures of the muscle growth-limiting protein myostatin and has shown promise in animal studies.

About the new studies

For the final result measure study, Nationwide investigators are looking for gents with BMD who’re at the least eighteen many years old, in a position to stroll for six minutes or additional and meet other study criteria. subjects will be requested to stroll for six minutes, may have their power measured, and will be timed even though doing other activities. Use of the cane is permitted for the jogging test.

The study is getting conducted at Nationwide and is also expected to take about two hours of the participants’ time throughout a single visit. Some guide with lodging expenses is on the market for those traveling to Columbus.

The gene therapy trial is not yet approved to recruit participants. When it is, the investigators say, information will be posted at Nationwide Children’s Hospital middle for Gene Therapy.

Although these studies have not received MDA support, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is component of the MDA/DMD medical research network , which is conducting associated studies.

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