Be diagnosed and be identified

How early can be diagnosed?
Once Becker dystrophy is known to affect a male in a family is possible through simple blood tests to identify or rule out any other children at risk from birth. In most families, but not all, prenatal diagnosis is possible, but this is more difficult and possibly the situation has to be a full evaluation before a pregnancy is initiated.

Can any carriers in the family is identified?
Most companies can detect whether the blood samples of affected male relatives and a few other key members of the family are available for comparison, using DNA analysis techniques. Although a simple blood test for creatine kinase is positive in many airlines, only DNA tests can rule out carrier status in women at risk (for example, the sister of an affected man). However, in a few families, or core samples from relatives are not available, it may be possible only in the calculation of each company to potential statistical risk of having an affected child.

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