Ayurvedic treatment in the treatment of Muscular Diseases

Ayurvedic treatment in the treatment of Muscular Diseases and myopathies
Russian & Hungarian medical doctors to recognize Ayurvedic Treatment – Raipur Oct 5, 2011: Dr Mukesh Jain delivered a lecture on Ayurvedic treatment in Moscow District Children Neurology Hospital on 26th sept and introduced Ayurvedic & Yogic approach of treatment in the treatment of uncontrolled N euro-Muscular Diseases and myopathies. The lecture was attended by specialist faculty of Neurology in the hospital. Dr Jain also gave practical training to Russian Specialist who’ve evinced keen fascination the clinical prospective of Ayurvedic Panch Karma and Rasayana treatment in the lasting relief of Neuro-muscular ailments.

Dr Jain who is working on Neuro-muscular disease and myopathies considering that 1981, informed that Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of degenerative ailments of nerves and muscles. Our current knowledge of Muscle Dystrophy indicates that there are two general approaches on the treatment that offer hope. The very first approach is to develop the technology for correctly re-introducing the deficient gene, or a sensible part of it, to the dystrophic muscles. However, important technical hurdles have thus far prevented the improvement of a suitable gene therapy. it seriously is important, therefore, to develop alternative therapeutic strategies. The second approach that may lead to treatments of dystrophy is to study to sluggish the progress of the deterioration by regulating the huge contribution of immune cells on the passing away of dystrophic muscle. Here Ayurvedic Rasayana programs are useful.

Ayurvedic Program involving Rasayana dependent Ayurvedic herbs together with Panch Karma & Yogic support yielded mixed gains in 55 boys with DMD; BMD and LGMD. whilst this Ayurvedic program do not have the hope for the genetic effect of restoring dystrophin production, it do minimize serum CK levels. This could be a sign of decreased muscle damage. considering that there was definite enhancement in sensible ability, it seriously is possible that complementary Ayurvedic treatment allow longer survival with minimum disability.

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