AVI new exon skipping drugs for Duchenne

They will concentrate on creating exon skipping drugs to focus on exons 45 and fifty of the dystrophin gene. The study will involve preclinical scientific studies inside the laboratory to check the protection of the fresh drugs and to acquire an knowing of how the drugs are most likely to be absorbed and metabolised through the body. These scientific studies have to be carried out before applying for permission to check them in employee patients.

Exon skipping is a personalised medicine – the molecular patch requirements to be tailored for the certain mutation inside the dystrophin gene. Mutations can happen anywhere together the gene but about 70 % of boys have a very mutation inside a ‘hot spot’ between exons 45 and 53. So the very first molecular patches are actually designed to work during this area to ensure that the best quantity of patients can benefit.

AVI Biopharma is currently conducting a phase a few of clinical trial of the molecular patch to skip exon 51. This patch has the possible to deal with around 13 % of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Skipping of exons 51 and 44 is also getting trialled through the firm Prosensa, in partnership with GSK, making use of a chemical formulation of molecular patch that differs slightly from that used by AVI Biopharma.

Exon 45 skipping
The skipping of exon 45 could possibly bonus approximately eight % of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. AVI Biopharma will collaborate while using Children’s nationwide Medical middle in Washington DC plus the Carolinas Medical middle in North Carolina with financing from the US division of Defence plus the nationwide Institute of Neurological ailments and Stroke.

Exon fifty skipping
The skipping of exon fifty could possibly bonus approximately four % of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. AVI Biopharma will collaborate while using Therapeutics for uncommon and Neglected Diseases Program which is a US federal government funded program to accelerate the development of new drugs for uncommon and neglected diseases.

Summary of exon skipping drugs being developed

Exon skipped Proportion of boys potentially treated Prosensa/GSK AVI Biopharma
44 6.2% Phase 1/2 trial
45 8.1% Pre-clinical* Pre-clinical
50 4.0% Pre-clinical
51 13% Phase 3 trial Phase 2 trial
52 4.1% Pre-clinical
53 7.7% Pre-clinical*
55 2.0% Pre-clinical

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2 thoughts on “AVI new exon skipping drugs for Duchenne

  1. hajifidamohammadkakar

    ineed medicene for my child how can be enter in this trial becous i can wait more,my child condition is very worst

    fida mohammad kakar

  2. Kevin Thomas

    How can a child suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy become a recipient of this new drug?

    Please let me know how I can go about this?

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