About urinary catheters

Managing urinary retention is the most important functionality of a urinary catheter. However, utilizing catheter for a prolonged time is not recommended. The process of inserting a catheter in to a bladder is known as catheterization and is ordinarily executed by a trained nurse.

In basic there are five types of .
They are:
*Foley Robinson: This style of urinary catheter is usually made of silicone rubber or even the natural ones inflated on the end. The inflated part is filled up with sterile water. Foley catheter usually is available in two dimensions 5cc and thirty cc.
*Robinson Catheter: This catheter is chosen only for a short period of time. the only big difference while using Foley catheter is that it does not have a very balloon to hold it in place.
*Coupe Catheter: It has a curved suggestion which makes it pretty individual friendly.
*Irrigation Catheter: This style of urinary catheter is usually accustomed to carry the unwanted fluids to the patients urinary bladder.
*Texas Catheter: This is without a doubt an external catheter. it is chosen extensively as it has a lower possibility of infection.
The sizing of the catheter is of immense importance. It will need to contain the urine and never allow it to leak close to the catheter. For example, larger in sizing catheters are usually chosen in patients just right after surgery as they can contain thicker and at at occasions bloody urine. If there is a urine leakage close to the catheter, it is for the reason that the catheter is as well small or it has a wrong-size balloon tip. In other cases, the urinary catheter could possibly be obstructed by blood or thicker sediment. sometimes urine leakage could possibly also come about resulting from constipation or urinary tract infection.
Use of urinary catheters for a prolonged period of time could possibly have some unfavorable effects. Some patients could possibly produce an hypersensitive response or could possibly be additional delicate to latex catheters. Indwelling catheters are fashioned to be chosen for a extended period of time. in accordance towards the physicians prolonged use of any urinary catheter cannot be considered a long-lasting solution.

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