About Occupational Therapy Jobs

The job of an occupational therapy is to indulge with families, groups, individuals, communities, organization to facilitate health and well being through engagement in occupation. A therapist helps individuals get involved in social, political and environmental factors that contribute occupational deprivation. There have been found many evidence of therapy jobs as occupation since ancient times. Professionally a Greek physician was the first person to start the treatment of human patients with mental illness via the use of therapeutic baths, massage, music and exercise. The concept of treatment is found to be same even today. They help those individuals who are victim of social and mental disability. Patients are treated to allowed to recover their natural condition. Special kind of treatment is supposed to implement that help patients develop, recover or maintain daily living and work skills.

Occupational therapist not only helps patients to improve their basic motor function and reasoning abilities but also to compensate for permanent loss of function. This way the clients get a productive, independent and good life. Right from taking personal care to working on a computer is helped by occupational therapist, which makes patients independent in his life. The improvement process is slow but it requires patience from therapist as well as client. A patient condition is just like a child who is taught each activity of life to do properly. The patient is treated to take bath, behave socially, talk gently, learn on computer, socially active, cooking, eating, bathing, dressing etc. In many scenarios it is found that occupational therapist use computer programs that are prepared to help patients in recovery. These programs improve decision-making, problem solving, abstract reasoning, perceptual skills, memory, sequencing and co-ordination. All theses methods help a patient to start a new independent life again. Those who are found to be with short-term memory loss recover their natural status faster compared to permanent memory loss patients.
Such patients who are found with permanent disabilities such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries often need special instructions and guide to do their daily task. This special care is due to certain tough disabilities, which creates a problem for the patients to understand things around him. It becomes impossible to get meaning of such things in life. And this is why occupational therapist takes special care of such patients. For this special look after the therapist demonstrate the use of adaptive equipments like wheel chair, eating aids, orthoses, eating aids. As per requirement the therapist also build or design such equipments, which are important to patients like computer added adaptive equipment or some equipment required at home. Only providing equipment is not the end of job but the most important thing is to teach the patients how to use the equipments. Proper uses of equipments help patients to improve communication and understand situations in the environment. Some occupational therapist also works individually with a patient if the situation requires. It can be either a group of patient or a single patient to take care of; the therapist is a successful practitioner who helps patients to get a new meaningful and independent life again.

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