About FSHD Prenatal Testing

Frequently asked queries About FSHD, Prenatal Testing

Required Information:
1. identify what day of pregnancy the specimen was collected and whether Amniotic Fluid (AF) or Chorionic
Villus (CV) was collected – the day of collection is as important.
2. indicate whether you want the UI cytogenetics laboratory to lifestyle the tissue or some other lab.
3. indicate when the specimen is being collected.
4. consist of the FSHD check result with the impacted dad or mum if available
5. deliver maternal and paternal blood for maternal cell contamination and/or additional FSHD testing.

Q: Will UI Diagnostic Laboratories approve cultures from another laboratory?
A: Yes. please deliver cultured tissue directly to:

UI Diagnostic Laboratories
200 Hawkins generate 5231 RCP
Iowa city IA 52242

Q: Will you approve tissue cultured from the Chorionic Villus (CV) or Amniotic Fluid (AF) specimen?
A: Yes, we’ll approve both. please note that this time from specimen collection to FSHD result is approximately
5-7 weeks.

Q: How various cultured tissue does the lab need for testing?
A: six T25 flasks.

Q: exactly where do I deliver the specimens?
A: please deliver all blood and fetal specimens or fetal cultures with the condition directly to:

UI Diagnostic Laboratories
200 Hawkins generate 5231 RCP
Iowa city IA 52242

Q: do you need the Mother’s blood?
A: Yes, to guideline out maternal cell contamination.

Q: do you need the impacted parent’s blood?
A: Yes, we’ll check it side by side the prenatal specimen.

Q: do you need the preceding check results with the impacted parent?
A: Yes, it will aid us to determine whether the impacted parent’s specimen will must be subjected to testing using the fetal

Q: could be the turnaround time the exact same having a recognized site?
A: Yes, the exact same system is used whether the web site deletion is recognized or unknown.

Print the Prenatal FSHD tests Requisition for thorough check information.

For additional assistance with specimen packaging and shipping, please phone UIDL client services 1-866-844-2522.

If additional technical/clinical check information is needed, please contact: Dr. Aaron Bossler, Molecular Laboratory Director, at 319-384-9566.

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One thought on “About FSHD Prenatal Testing

  1. T. Colella

    Thank you for posting this information for those with Muscular Dystrophy. As a parent, I am eager to learn all I can about the resources and possible alternative treatments for those with FSHD. Our organization is working daily to promote and fund FSH research so that one day a treatment or cure will be a reality.
    Please help us share news of our organization to those with FSHD.
    Thank you.

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